The Popularity Of The James Bond Card Game Baccarat

If you are a fan of 007, then you might already be a bit familiar with the James Bond card game baccarat. In the films like Dr. No, Thunderball and For Your Eyes Only, he is depicted playing at very ritzy table in some fine establishments. Though this may have led people to believe that baccarat is only for the rich and famous, the truth is that it is very simple to learn and even easier to play.

A Legend is Born

Though there are more than a dozen movies today, the very first 007 flick - Dr. No - was the real catalyst. This is the film in which the very first "Bond... James Bond" was ever uttered, and the scene in which it occurred was a chemin de fer table in a very refined establishment. Since then, this title has been known as the James Bond card game baccarat and people all over the world have worked hard to emulate his talent and grace at tables all over the world.

Throughout the Years

Of course, this wasn't the only casino exploit featured in the movies. Other than punto banco and chemin de fer, 007 was also found at the Craps table, enjoying a few rounds of sic bo, and even handling a few hands of blackjack in the well-known License to Kill. Some other things that he's enjoyed throughout his spy career include Texas Hold'Em in Casino Royale, rummy in Goldfinger, backgammon in Octopussy, and High Card Draw in The World is Not Enough. Strangely enough, though, we've never seen him at a roulette table; perhaps this will be depicted in a newer film when it is released on the silver screen.

Why the Popularity?

The history of the James Bond card game baccarat goes back for centuries, and it is thought to be a title that was originally enjoyed in France only by the rich, the famous, or the royalty. As such, when public gambling establishments began to open their doors in the 1800s, these tables were often cordoned off and reserved only for the most noteworthy patrons. This tradition carried on for years and this is probably why the title was chosen to be 007s favorite. However, those with smaller budgets or who aren't famous or royal can now log on to play at their convenience thanks to new technologies like computers and internet access.

Although you don't have to be rich or famous to play the James Bond card game baccarat these days, you will need to take the time to learn the basics. It is actually one of the simplest titles in any establishment since you'll only need to make two decisions - how much you want to stake and which of the two hands upon which you want to place your wager. There are a couple of different versions of the title, too, so make sure that you understand the differences and which you want to try before you join a real-money online session.