The Unique Differences in This Baccarat Game

There is no denying that casino games are an incredibly popular pastime in Canada, and there are certainly many from which players can choose. Slots and video poker tickle the fancy of those who prefer more mechanized games while roulette and craps are great table options that require little to no skill to play. Of course, die-hard casino goers understand that card games are where the real money is, and this is probably why Chemin de Fer baccarat is so incredibly popular in both online and land-based venues around the world.

Basic Set of Rules

There are many different baccarat variations from which players can choose, but they all revolve around the same relatively simple set of rules. There is absolutely no skill required here, but players should understand the odds involved with certain bets before proceeding. Essentially, there can be up to eight players at the table and the banker (which may be represented by the house or another player). One 'player' hand is dealt and one 'banker' hand is dealt. The objective for each of the individuals is to determine which hand will have the highest score after all of the dealing is complete or whether the hand will result in a tie.

The Best Bet

Now, the best way to go here is with the banker hand since this has a house edge of only 1.05%. The player hand comes in a very close second with a house edge of about 1.26%. While the tie bet pays out handsomely, this is one that professional players tend to avoid because the odds of winning are incredibly low and the house edge rests at right about 15%. Chemin de Fer baccarat follows these same rules for the most part, but there are some things of which those who are new to the variant should be aware.

Goal and Gameplay

First and foremost, all of the baccarat variations are played with more than one deck of cards, and this one uses six. Here, one of the players takes the role of the banker as opposed to the house, though the house will still deal the two hands. The goal is to create a hand of eight or nine or have the highest hand. Aces are valued at one point, number cards are valued at the numbers on their faces, and 10s and face cards have no value. In the event that the score is a 10 or higher, then the tens place is removed for a single-digit score.

Understanding the Rake

While it may seem that there is little advantage for the casino when it comes to Chemin de Fer baccarat, this is not the case. Because those who play this game enjoy the casino's real estate, it isn't uncommon for the venue to apply a 'rake' of up to 5% when the banker's hand wins. This is how the venue earns money while allowing for this particular variation to be played. Though the banker can remain the same throughout the game, each player can take turns at this role.