The History Of Baccarat Then And Now

The history of baccarat is a rich one in that it is widely considered to be one of the oldest casino games in the world. Documentation exists to prove that it was introduced to the French by Italy back in the early 1400s, and the word "baccarat" means zero in the Italian language. This term refers to the fact that all 10s and face cards are worth zero points when it comes to scoring.

Spreading through Europe

Despite the documentation proving that the history of baccarat began in Italy during the 15th century, it took more than 500 years for the game to spread out across Europe and into other countries. It was incredibly popular during its early years among the royal and the rich in France, and it took some time for it to trickle down to the middle- and lower-class populations. Chemin de fer, one of a few different variants, was highly popular across most of Europe though the English preferred another variation known as punto banco.

Developing Styles

Later, the game made its way across the oceans and into new territory. Three variants existed during this time: punto banco, Chemin de fer, and baccarat banque. Each of these share a common set of rules with the primary differences resting only in how the cards are dealt. Punto banco is the most popular in North America today; in this version, the players simply bet on one of three outcomes while the dealer plays the role of the banker and handles the cards at all times. Chemin de fer is still preferred in France, and banque, the version in which players take turns acting as the banker, is popular among the European gamblers although it can still be found in some North American casinos.

The Introduction of Mini Baccarat

The history of baccarat took yet another turn when it was introduced in the Americas. Because this title is well-known for having high table limits, most casinos still today will tuck it away behind velvet ropes or in rooms reserved for high rollers. Because these venues need to cater to people with any kind of budget with their limited floor space, they often provide the "mini" variant with affordable limits. Those who do have a lot to spend will often head to these tables because they know they will be among others who are willing to put up a lot of money for a chance to truly win big. It is not a difficult title to learn, but it does come with decent odds as long as individuals stick to the traditional player and banker bets rather than the tie.

Today, the history of baccarat continues to write itself, primarily because it is still immensely popular among casino royalty and those who have large bankrolls. It is one of the simplest games to learn because individuals only need to decide how much to wager and then guess which hand will win.